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William A Rowe Jr
Staff Engineer, Pivotal


William is a member of the Application Products engineering team at Pivotal, where he has developed and maintained Apache Web Server based products since the turn of the century. He is an active committer to several Apache Software Foundation projects and serves on the ASF security response team. Over the past dozen years, William has contributed to the Apache Software Foundation, initially as a contributor to the Apache HTTP Server and APR projects, served as a Project Chair to both, mentored a number of projects new to the Foundation, participated on the convention committee for the foundation, and served as a Director of the Foundation. He is sometimes teased as the Unix developer who happens to work on Windows, and was largely responsible for stabilizing httpd running on Windows and ensuring Windows was a first class supported platform of the APR library.


William A Rowe Jr (Pivotal)
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This presentation covers all aspects of configuring Apache HTTP Server for https/TLS, including ECC, RSA and DH keys and key strength, cipher suites, SSL session caches vs. session tickets, OCSP stapling and TLS virtual hostnames. These elements are integrated to provide perfect forward secrecy and meet modern best practices for both client and proxied connections. Read more.