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E. Dunham

E. Dunham
DevOps Engineer, Mozilla


Emily is a senior in computer science at Oregon State University. Since joining the OSU Open Source Lab in April 2011 a software developer on the Ganeti Web Manager project, she has worked as an intern at Intel, a teaching assistant in the computer science department, and a systems engineer at the OSL. She founded the OSL’s DevOps Bootcamp outreach program in August 2013, and is involved with the OSU Linux Users Group and local FIRST Robotics competitions.


Lance Albertson (Oregon State University Open Source Lab), E. Dunham (Mozilla)
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University students rarely get a chance to fully embrace the Devops or FOSS development culture while in school. This year, we’ve started a program called Devops Bootcamp, which is a hands-on, informal workshop open to any student at OSU. Devops Bootcamp immerses college students in the basics of Linux, Linux system administration and FOSS development practices. Read more.