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James Pearce

James Pearce
Head of Open Source, Facebook

Website | @jamespearce

James manages the open source program at Facebook. He’s a developer and writer with a special passion for the web, mobile platforms of all sorts, and helping developers explore their potential.

James’ mobile projects include confess.js, WhitherApps, tinySrc,, Device Atlas, and mobiForge. Previously at Sencha, dotMobi, Argogroup and Ernst & Young, he has also written books on the mobile web for Wrox & Wiley. He’s easy to find at /jamesgpearce or


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James Pearce (Facebook)
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Open source has always been a huge part of Facebook's culture. But in 2013, we rebooted our portfolio and launched a unique suite of internal tools & instrumentation to support hundreds of repos, thousands of engineers, and tens of thousands of contributors. The result? Better-than-ever community adoption - and an open & responsible stewardship, attuned to our ethos of hacking & moving fast. Read more.