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Alvaro Videla

Alvaro Videla
Writer of Words, self

Website | @old_sound

Alvaro Videla works as Developer Advocate for RabbitMQ/Pivotal. Before moving to Europe he used to work in Shanghai where he helped building one of Germany biggest dating websites. He co-authored the book “RabbitMQ in Action” for Manning Publishing. Some of his open source projects can be found here. Apart from code related stuff he likes traveling with his wife, listening/playing music and reading books.


Alvaro Videla (self), Michael Laing (New York Times)
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Learn about the 'nyt⨍aбrik' platform which sits behind The New York Times website. Learn how it scales across many continents and AWS availability zones using RabbitMQ as the backbone of communication for exchanging messages in near real-time. nyt⨍aбrik is built on open-source and most of it will be open sourced. Read more.