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Christopher Neugebauer

Christopher Neugebauer
Senior Software Engineer | Board Director, AlphaSights | Python Software Foundation

Website | @chrisjrn

Christopher is a Python programmer from Hobart, Tasmania. He’s a Computer Science Honours graduate of the University of Tasmania, and he now works primarily as an Android developer. Working with Android means that his day job involves more Java than he’d like. He has a strong interest in the development of the Australian Python Community — he is an immediate past convenor of PyCon Australia 2012 and 2013 in Hobart, and is a member of the Python Software Foundation.

In his spare time, Christopher enjoys presenting on Mobile development at Open Source conferences, and presenting on Open Source development at Mobile conferences.


Mobile Platforms | User Experience
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials.
Paris Buttfield-Addison (Secret Lab), Jon Manning (Secret Lab), Christopher Neugebauer (AlphaSights | Python Software Foundation)
Average rating: ****.
(4.56, 16 ratings)
In this tutorial you'll learn why you can't consider UX + design an optional extra when creating mobile apps, and how to tell an awesome app from a bad app. This highly interactive platform-agnostic design-heavy workshop is for programmers of any background. Learn how mobile apps work from a UI perspective, and how + why to build wireframes, and how to evaluate your designs for future improvement. Read more.
Mobile Platforms
Portland 251
Christopher Neugebauer (AlphaSights | Python Software Foundation)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 1 rating)
This talk shows how to design mobile apps whose complex internal logic runs on many mobile operating systems, but with native UI on those platforms. This ensures that the best possible user experience on each platform. This talk focuses on design patterns for structuring your app for dealing with a mix of cross–platform code and platform-specific UI code. Read more.