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Michael Dale

Michael Dale
Product, Kaltura


Michael is the lead front end architect for Kaltura Open Source Video Platform. In 2006 Michael Dale co-founded an open video community archive of US house and senate floor proceedings. Later he worked on video for Wikipedia. With Kaltura he has worked on HTML5 video for Wikipedia the Internet Archive and dozens of major web properties that make use of Kaltura’s platform. His work includes work on scalable video delivery across numerous browsers and devices, subtitling, advertising, analytics and video editing in HTML5.


Michael Dale (Kaltura)
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This talk gives a close look at second wave HTML5 features around video delivery — specifically, mediaSource API / adaptive streaming, encrypted media extension and WebRTC. We look at open tools and techniques for transcending platform limitations and delivery these experiences across increasingly diverse set of devices with real world examples from Kaltura, Wikimedia and others. Read more.