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DJ Adams

DJ Adams
Architect, Integrator, Author, Bread-Maker, Bluefin Solutions Ltd

Website | @qmacro

DJ Adams is an enterprise architect and open source programmer, author, and bread-maker living in Manchester, working as a Principal Consultant for Bluefin Solutions. He has a degree in Latin & Greek (Classics) from the University of London, and despite having been referred to as an alpha geek, can nevertheless tie his own shoelaces and drink beer without spilling it.

He has written two books for O’Reilly, on Jabber and on Google.

He is married to his theoretical childhood sweetheart Michelle, and has a son, Joseph, of whom he is very proud.


Frederic Berg (SAP AG), DJ Adams (Bluefin Solutions Ltd), Andreas Kunz (SAP SE)
OpenUI5 is a powerful web UI library from SAP that has recently entered the open source world. With OpenUI5 you can easily develop enterprise-grade responsive web applications that run on multiple platforms. It is based on many open source libraries. Start from scratch and learn how to build OpenUI5 applications in this tutorial. Read more.
Frederic Berg (SAP AG), DJ Adams (Bluefin Solutions Ltd), Andreas Kunz (SAP SE)
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(5.00, 3 ratings)
Meet OpenUI5--a powerful web UI library for developing responsive web apps that run on and adapt to any current browser and device. Read more.