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OpenBTS: Develop Your Own Cell Network & Apps!

Moderated by: Michael Iedema & Harvind Samra

Today we see a lot of innovation in cellular devices and applications and in cloud operations – but what about that closed, complex “black box” which connects them called a cell network, with its pre-Internet architecture rooted in the 1970s? OpenBTS is a modern, open source, all-software implementation of a radio access network which runs on Linux and presents standard cell handsets and modems as SIP devices – which means anybody can build a network cheaply using any IP backhaul. All of the proprietary software found in a conventional cell network can be replaced with open-source applications like Apache, SIP Express Router and MySQL.

More importantly, the conversion of the network from legacy telco protocols to Internet protocols creates new opportunities to cook up custom applications using web technologies or through cloud-based application platforms, from speech to Internet-of-Things.