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Taming Hybrid Clouds with ManageIQ


ManageIQ is a newly open sourced project that lets operations and developers manage the lifecycle of their virtualization and cloud infrastructures. Place virtual workloads according to your policies and automate them, prioritizing for cost, performance, security, and/or reliability. In this BoF, we will demonstrate how to use ManageIQ as a single API and gateway for cloud workloads.

ManageIQ is a management and automation platform for virtual, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. ManageIQ, Inc. was a startup founded in 2006 and acquired by Red Hat in late 2012. The name lives on in the form of this community and open source project.

ManageIQ is intended for a diverse array of people, from developers who want to use cloud APIs in applications to operations who want a single management interface for cloud and virtualization platforms.

ManageIQ provides an easier way to automate cloud workloads. A build-test-deploy use case common in lab automation setups is a typical scenario in which ManageIQ shines.

Come learn about the ManageIQ community, how it can be useful to you, and why you should participate. See it in action as we show how ManageIQ works with AWS, VSphere, RHEV/oVirt, OpenStack, Hyper-V and more.