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Glimpse of Git's Future

Shawn Pearce (Google)
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Peek into the future of Git with Android, Google and GitHub. Learn
about the 450x server performance improvement developed by Google and
GitHub, and get a glimpse of the scaling roadmap.

Shawn Pearce


Shawn Pearce has been actively involved in Git since early 2006. Shawn is the original author of git-gui, a Tk based graphical interface shipped with git, and git fast-import, a stream based import system often used for converting projects to git. Besides being the primary author of both git-gui and git fast-import, Shawn’s opinion, backed by his code, has influenced many decisions that form the modern git implementation.

In early 2006 Shawn also founded the JGit project, creating a 100% pure Java reimplementation of the Git version control system. The JGit library can often be found in Java based products that interact with Git, including plugins for Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs, the Hudson CI server, Apache Maven, and Gerrit Code Review, a peer code review system specially designed for Git. Today he continues to develop and maintain JGit, EGit, and Gerrit Code Review.