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Designers, See Your Designs Differently: Color Contrast Tips and Techniques

Moderated by: Cathy O'Connor
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Our PayPal accessibility team has a goal to make sure that as many people as possible can use our products and services. For people who can see, but may have conditions such as low vision, color blindness, or are reaching an age where small text is difficult to read, our design accessibility practices include a goal to make sure our designs have sufficient color contrast.

The session will briefly describe the organizational challenges faced in a large global company that is constantly changing, to assure designers keep accessibility top of mind. There is a perception that no one else meets a minimum color contrast ratio for their content and forms, meaning large successful companies, so, why should we?

The rest of the session will cover in detail how we address these challenges, with a focus on making it as easy as possible for designers to see and experience what it means, how to check their designs, and why sufficient color contrast is important.

Lessons learned: As our business processes and teams change, as they adopt lean UX, and agile methods to rapidly iterate, our accessibility team and initiatives also have to be nimble. Just as every person is unique, designers are unique. We have designers who have become champions in there team who take the challenge and run with it, and others who need reminders, and individual attention. Everyone learns differently.
Multiple methods need to be used to help designers check their designs and gain empathy with people who can see but not as well as the designer themselves.