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How Disney Built a Modern Cloud with Open Source

Chris Launey (The Walt Disney Company)
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There isn’t anyone in the business world who doesn’t hear the word ‘agile’
every day. Whether new startups or venerable brands, companies are
learning that having great products or content isn’t enough; they need to
get to market quickly, respond to changes nimbly. Saddled with large bases
of legacy code and processes, large organizations are stepping into modern
cloud services and delivery models but finding difficulty of taking full
advantage of them. In this massively heterogeneous world, interoperability
is crucial. Working to help reboot the delivery and consumption of
technology services within the Walt Disney Company, we’ve built a cloud
service offering and integration platform on open source technologies like
OpenStack with the goal of providing ways to host any application -
whether modern and cloud ready or on software development hospice care.

Photo of Chris Launey

Chris Launey

The Walt Disney Company

Chris Launey is the Director of Cloud Services & Architecture in the core
architecture and engineering group at the Walt Disney Company. His
organization lives at the intersection of the quickly shifting demands of
a media and entertainment company and the mission of a managed service
provider to maintain a stable, scalable, and efficient technology
platform. Chris team launched Disney┬╣s first true on-demand IaaS offering
and built a service integration platform to cloudify more internal
technology services. His team is now building on that to make pubic
services easier to broker and consume for the Walt Disney Company.