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Storytelling on the Shoulders of Giants

Rachel Nabors (

Portland Ballroom
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You may not feel like you’re a “creative person,” but never underestimate where your code could turn up or what stories it might tell. The most unassuming repo can be remixed into something magnificent.

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Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors is an interaction developer, award-winning cartoonist, and host of the Infinite Canvas Screencast. She deftly blends the art of traditional storytelling with digital media to “tell better stories through code” at her company Tin Magpie. You can catch her as @RachelNabors on Twitter and at

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Picture of Steve Holden
Steve Holden
07/23/2014 7:12pm PDT

Hi Rachel. As an “engine room” geek I have always valued the contribution that design skills can make to my web projects (which would otherwise be dull and lifeless, much like this question). How can I work more effectively with designers and help them to increase the value they add to my projects (which I know is what good designers want to do, and I don’t want to work with bad designers)?

Follow-up question (if time): how do I, as someone with little design knowledge, tell the good designers from the bad ones?