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A Path to Achieving True Cloud Portability

Tyler Fitch (CHEF)
F 150
Slides:   1-PPTX 

Moving applications from a traditional data center to a cloud
provides immediate and real advantages in the way services are delivered
to customers. What if you could also easily move from one cloud to
another? Managing your infrastructure as code means you can use the
same code to deploy and manage infrastructure in many different clouds. Achieving true cloud portability is possible and will allow you to
realize a number of benefits from cost-savings to disaster recovery.

Photo of Tyler Fitch

Tyler Fitch


Tyler recently joined CHEF as a Customer Success Engineer – championing
best practices and delightful experiences in automation. Prior to
working at Chef he spent a decade as an engineer for Adobe developing
and automating commerce services for using
a variety of technologies. He lives in Vancouver, WA and when he’s not
programming enjoys lacrosse and using his passport.