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Open Cloud APIs

Cody Herriges (Puppet Labs)
F 150
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The success of development and deployment of anything is often unrelated to the technical superiority of a cloud platform but a product of what the platform enables you to do. We need robust but more importantly enjoyable to use APIs at every stage in an application’s lifecycle. In this talk we’ll compare and contrast the open cloud APIs to similar proprietary alternatives and discuss the benefits an organization gets from Operations and Development wanting instead of needing to leverage an available API.

Cody Herriges

Puppet Labs

Cody Herriges joined Puppet Labs in 2010 and now serves as the current Tech Lead of Systems maintaining Puppet Labs’ public and private cloud platforms, storage, and hardware infrastructure. He started his career in higher education infrastructure management where he deployed his school’s first x86 virtualization cluster on top of KVM. It was a world of complicated legacy software needing to fit into a transformed open source world. Needing to maintain all this software eventually taught him the importance of automation.