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Office Hour with Kelley Nielsen (Linux Foundation, Gnome Foundation)

Kelley Nielsen (Linux Foundation, Gnome Foundation)
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table C)

Kelley is here to talk to you about any of the stories she shared in her session, “Hacking the Kernel, Hacking Myself.” Specifically, she’ll discuss:

  • The very personal ways that outreach and mentoring affect new contributors
  • The changes in self-image that a new contributor may have to go through
  • The importance of introspection and self-knowledge to the process of becoming a contributor
Photo of Kelley Nielsen

Kelley Nielsen

Linux Foundation, Gnome Foundation

Kelley is a relatively new kernel developer, who is learning under the excellent guidance of mentors through the Gnome Outreach Program for Women. She is also a co-coordinator for Codechix, which organizes in-person events of all kinds for women and everybody. Before settling on the kernel, she wrote a collection of Linux screen saver demos, aptly titled Xtra Screen Hacks, and a few Android apps. She blogs at