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Office Hour with Niklas Nielsen (Mesosphere, Inc.), Connor Doyle (Mesosphere, Inc.), and Adam Bordelon (Mesosphere, Inc.)

Niklas Nielsen (Mesosphere, Inc.), Connor Doyle (, Adam Bordelon (Mesosphere)
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table D)

Bring Niklas, Connor, and Adam your questions about the Apache Mesos ecosystem, including:

  • Mesos for sysadmins: taking control of your datacenter with multi-tenancy and fault-tolerance
  • Mesos for distributed application developers: a distributed SDK in many languages
  • Using Docker and Linux containers in Mesos for packaging, deployment, and resource isolation
  • Migrating existing applications to Mesos using Marathon and Chronos.
Photo of Niklas Nielsen

Niklas Nielsen

Mesosphere, Inc.

Engineer at Mesosphere working at Apache Mesos. Prior to Mesosphere, I worked at Adobe on the Flash VM and Google V8, as well as a secret next-generation VM. Did my Master’s at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, working on debugging tools for future exascale systems.

Photo of Connor Doyle

Connor Doyle

Connor Doyle is a software engineer at Mesosphere, focused on developing tools and frameworks for Apache Mesos.

Adam Bordelon


Adam Bordelon is a distributed systems engineer at Mesosphere and an Apache Mesos committer. Before joining Mesosphere, Adam was lead developer on the Hadoop core team at MapR Technologies, developed distributed systems for personalized recommendations at Amazon, and rearchitected the LabVIEW compiler at National Instruments. He holds a master’s degree from Rice University, where he built a tool to analyze supercomputer performance data for bottlenecks and anomalies.