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Office Hour with Boyd Stephens (Netelysis, LLC)

Boyd Stephens (Netelysis)
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table D)

Boyd knows the intricacies of the money machine and where and when you can hack it. Bring him all of your related questions. He’ll be happy to talk about:

  • Is Creating a Business Really that Hard? Money Machines and the Lean Canvas
  • No Seed Funding, Venture Capital, Business Loans needed but…No Money/No Money Machine.
  • Scaling a Money Machine—the Buckyballs of Business.
Photo of Boyd Stephens

Boyd Stephens


Boyd Stephens – As the founder of his personal money machine – Netelysis, Boyd and his team design and manage an array of internetworking systems and services for educational, corporate and governmental entities. Due to the nature of his very technical educational background, Boyd has had to redouble his efforts in his quest to learn the intricacies of creating, managing and sustaining an array of businesses enterprises