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Open Standards vs. Open Source

Moderated by: Jeff Hilland

There is a debate on the relevance of Industry Standards when faced with Open Source efforts. Yet government bodies still rely on and give preference to ANSI and ISO standards.

There is a meeting of standards bodies called the Alliance Partner Technical Symposium occurring at the same time as OSCON where industry standards bodies are meeting to discuss a variety of issues, including Open Source involvement. A meeting of both groups at OSCON presents a unique opportunity to carve a path forward to see if and how both groups can work together.

One example is DMTF’s “dual path” development of CADF (Cloud Auditing Data Federation) which is part of Celiometer in Open Stack. The Cloud Management WG is starting to work with OW2’s Sirocco effort around CIMI as an inter-operable cloud interface standard. SNIA’s CDMI represents a potential similar effort for cloud storage.

Are these the right ways forward? Can Open Source and Open Standards work together? Are there other paths that may be better? Does documenting an existing Open Source implementation allow Open Source the flexibility to evolve? Does implementing an existing standard represent a viable path? Can simultaneous development really work? Does the standards process need to change?

Please join us to discuss these issues.