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Office Hour with Gian Merlino (Metamarkets) and Fangjin Yang (Metamarkets)

Gian Merlino (Imply), Fangjin Yang (Imply)
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table C)

We’ll be happy to discuss real-time analytics with open source technologies. Topics might include:

  • Motivation for the Kafka, Storm, Hadoop, and Druid real-time analytics stack
  • Implementation details for those interested in trying the stack out at home
  • How to scale the stack and make it highly available
Photo of Gian Merlino

Gian Merlino


As a senior software engineer at Metamarkets and on the Druid project, Gian is responsible for core infrastructure development including real-time data processing and ingestion. He comes to Metamarkets from Yahoo! where he was responsible for its worldwide server deployment and configuration management platform. He holds a BS in Computer Science from California Institute of Technology.

Photo of Fangjin Yang

Fangjin Yang


Fangjin Yang is a coauthor of the open source Druid project and a cofounder of Imply, a data analytics startup based in San Francisco. Previously, Fangjin held senior engineering positions at Metamarkets and Cisco Systems. Fangjin has a BASc in electrical engineering and an MASc in computer engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.