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Juju BoF

Moderated by: Jorge Castro

We’ll look at stacks of services managed by juju and the charms behind those services. Along the way we’ll go over some of the production (flexibility, scalability, repeatability, and automation) benefits that emerge from the paradigm shift from servers to services.

Be ready with questions… What’s the point? Which problems was it created to solve? What’s it really look like? What is a juju charm anyways?

This is what we’ll cover in the workshop:

  • Why Juju? What problems are we trying to solve?
  • quick demo to grok juju and service orchestration
  • walk through a more sophisticated stack of services (read-only replicasets, 2000-node hadoop clusters, or mongodb shard/config servers) to show it’s not a toy
  • walk through charms for a couple of services. They’re easy to develop and flexible.
  • We’ll go over charms that the audience is interested in, as well as show you our Rails and Node.js charms which are designed to get your app up and running in a few commands.