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Office Hour with Brian Troutwine (AdRoll)

Brian Troutwine (AdRoll)
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table D)

In his talk, Brian discussed the differences between the BEAM languages:
Erlang, Elixir, LFE and Joxa, and advocates that each of these is applicable to a distinct, if slightly overlapping, engineering task. During Office Hours, he’d like to:

  • Discuss getting started with each of these languages,
  • Discuss the domain these languages succeed in (and where they fail) and
  • Share his own and hear other’s experiences with these languages in either production or hobby environments
Photo of Brian Troutwine

Brian Troutwine


I’m a software engineer at AdRoll where I work on soft real-time system in Erlang. I deal with mission-critical systems that operate at large scale. Functional programming and Erlang in particular are my main areas of interest and I’m becoming increasingly interested in “large” embedded systems.

I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Computer Science from Portland State University. I spoke at Erlang Factory 2014, Bay Area.