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Morning Yoga

Bottom of the stairs by the E Rooms

Join Sherri Montgomery for two early-morning yoga classes. Bring your stiff shoulders, sore wrists, tight hips and aching back. Leave with ideas on how to incorporate 5 minutes of practice into your busy day to care for your body and mind.

Yoga does not require complicated props or a special place to practice it. Breathing and physical postures can be done anytime, anywhere. Postures and breath practice do not require that anyone be able to bend into complicated positions or hold their breath for a long time. Practice can be simple, easy and restorative and a short practice, even at a desk between phone calls, may bring lasting benefits.

Class one, Tuesday, will focus on the upper back and shoulders and Class two, Wednesday, will focus on the lower back and hips. Come to either or both classes. No experience or props needed. Please wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in and have an empty stomach.

No advance signup required, you can just show up. We’ll provide the towels.

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Picture of Allison Gillespie
Allison Gillespie
07/19/2014 3:14pm PDT

Not a separate changing room, but there are lots of bathrooms around the OCC you can use.

David Sorkin
07/19/2014 2:49pm PDT

Hi, will there be a place to change clothes? Thanks