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Office Hour with Jamie Allen (Typesafe)

Jamie Allen (Typesafe)
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table B)

Reactive applications are taking over the enterprise world. Join me as we discuss various topics about Reactive, including:

  • How well do various technologies support the core Reactive tenets of Event-Driven, Scalable, Fault Tolerant and Responsive?
  • How do I leverage Open Source technologies to deploy an elastically Reactive application?
  • What is the role of Big Data in Reactive, and what tools can I use?
Photo of Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen


Jamie Allen is the Director of Consulting for Typesafe, the company behind the Scala programming language, Akka concurrency toolkit and Play and Spray frameworks. Jamie is the author of the “Effective Akka” book from O’Reilly as well as co-author of the “Reactive Design Patterns” book from Manning.