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Office Hour with Anne Ogborn (Robokind)

Anne Ogborn (The Elgin Works)
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table B)

Ann is ready to talk SWI-Prolog with you, including answering your general questions and helping you to get it installed. Following that, she will:

  • Help people through that ‘hey, 2+2 = 4 fails, wtf?’ stage
  • Laugh evilly when people mention tomcat
  • Discuss visitors planned uses for Prolog, and talk them out of the ‘wrap my rules engine in a real language’ mentality
Photo of Anne Ogborn

Anne Ogborn

The Elgin Works

Anne Ogborn is an avid SWI-Prolog fan, professional SWI-Prolog programmer, and sometimes contributor to the SWI-Prolog project.
She uses SWI-Prolog to create games that create change for the OSU Wavicles, and to program advanced social robotics for Robokind.