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Open Is As Open Does

Andrew Clay Shafer (Pivotal)
F 150
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‘Cloud’ represents a tectonic shift in the way computation is delivered and consumed. This shift was built on a foundation of Open Source software and might not have been possible without it.

What changes in a world where code is being continuously deployed to servers that may not exist in a physical sense? How do things change if one is providing a service? How do things change if one is consuming a service? What guarantees do you have about the openness of code that runs on systems you don’t control? When might this matter? When doesn’t it?

This presentation will frame these questions and more against the backdrop of the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud landscape of today and how our collective answers to these questions shape tomorrow.

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Andrew Clay Shafer


Andrew has been a consumer and contributor to open source for many years. He is always up for an adventure with a broad background contributing to technology and business efforts. As a co-founder at Puppet Labs, followed by working in and around the CloudStack and OpenStack ecosystems, he gained a lot of perspective on building open source businesses and communities. Sometimes he has been known to talk about devops and organizational learning. Andrew recently joined Pivotal, starting another open source business adventure focused on Cloud Foundry.