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Office Hour with Catherine Farman (Happy Cog) and Corinne Warnshuis (Girl Develop It Philadelphia)

Catherine Farman (Happy Cog), Corinne Warnshuis (Girl Develop It)
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table A)
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You want to get more women involved in open source projects and communities. Catherine and Corinne want to help. Come talk about:

  • How to organize communities that are welcoming to women
  • Being an ally to underrepresented minorities in tech
  • Starting or helping a Girl Develop It chapter; nonprofits you can and should partner with both nationally and locally
Photo of Catherine Farman

Catherine Farman

Happy Cog

Catherine Farman is a Developer at Happy Cog, where she builds standards-based websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Catherine has taught responsive web design, Javascript, and Sass courses for Girl Develop It. She’s also helped develop new courses and has written open source curricula to share with other teachers. When she’s not at a computer she likes to sew and watch soccer.

Photo of Corinne Warnshuis

Corinne Warnshuis

Girl Develop It

Corinne is the Executive Director of Girl Develop It, a nonprofit with chapters in 36 cities that exists to offer affordable classes for women to learn web and software development. She moved to Philadelphia in 2011 after graduating from University of California, Santa Cruz.