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Understanding Hypervisor Selection in Apache CloudStack

Tim Mackey (Synopsys)
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Apache CloudStack natively supports virtualization based on vSphere, XenServer, KVM, LXC and Hyper-V; including clouds which utilize more than one hypervisor type. With this flexibility and choice, deployment of a successful Apache CloudStack based cloud requires an understanding of both hypervisor features as well as CloudStack features. In this session we’ll take a fairly deep look at key areas such as networking and storage, and map the capabilities of each hypervisor into CloudStack features. Attendees will learn how to build a single hypervisor based cloud using the hypervisor of their choice, and how to successfully extend that cloud to utilize multiple hypervisors.

This session is sponsored by Citrix

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Tim Mackey


Tim Mackey is a technology evangelist for XenServer and CloudStack within the Citrix Open Source Business Office and focused on server virtualization and cloud orchestration technical competencies. When he joined Citrix in 2003, he was an engineer and architect focused on low impact application performance monitoring. During his tenure at Citrix he has held roles in the XenServer team as an architect, consultant, product manager and product marketing.