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The Concert Programmer

Portland Ballroom
Average rating: *****
(5.00, 32 ratings)

Is it possible to imagine a future where “concert programmers” are as common a fixture in the worlds auditoriums as concert pianists? In this presentation Andrew will be live-coding the generative algorithms that will be producing the music that the audience will be listening too. As Andrew is typing he will also attempt to narrate the journey, discussing the various computational and musical choices made along the way. A must see for anyone interested in creative computing.

Photo of Andrew Sorensen

Andrew Sorensen


Andrew Sorensen is an artist-programmer whose interests lie at the
intersection of computer science and creative practice. Andrew is well
known for creating the programming languages that he uses in live
performance to generate improvised audiovisual theatre. He has been
invited to perform these contemporary audiovisual improvisations
around the world. Andrew is a Senior Research Fellow at the Queensland
University of Technology and is the author of the Impromptu and
Extempore programming language environments.