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ELK Stack BoF

Moderated by: Leslie Hawthorn

If you use and love the ELK stack (that’s Elasticsearch for search & analytics, Logstash for centralized logging & Kibana for beautiful visualizations), join us for an evening of discussion about these three open source tools and how they make developers and sysadmins lives way better. And your business humans, too.

If you’ve never used the ELK stack but are interested in learning more, we would love to have you!

By using the ELK stack, you can effectively democratize access to your data throughout your entire organization. (The nice folks at The Guardian talk about how they did so here. During this BoF we will rap about use cases, how the ELK stack can help you rapidly debug issues with your applications or your infrastructure, and how you can ship business insights to the nice folks in your marketing department packaged up all pretty via Kibana.

We’ll have fun and may retreat from our shindig to enjoy some libations together following the BoF.