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Yes, Your Refrigerator Is Trying To Kill You: Bad Actors and the Internet of Things

Beth Flanagan (Intel Corp.)

Portland Ballroom
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Remember Heartbleed? Remember how everyone spent days checking if their bank/email/favorite shopping sites had been patched?

What about their home appliances? Light bulbs? Smart meters?

As more and more atypical devices are internet enabled, operating system providers need to look at the longer term impacts and plan accordingly. How can CE manufactures keep devices up to date and secure over the lifetime of the device. What does it look like when we fail to plan to do so? How can the open source way solve some of these problems.

Photo of Beth Flanagan

Beth Flanagan

Intel Corp.

Beth ‘pidge’ Flanagan is a Senior Software Engineer with Intel’s Opensource Technology Center. She spends most of her work life hacking on OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project. She is the release engineer for the Yocto Project, maintainer of the yocto-autobuilder and pilot of the Yocto Blimp.