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Hands-on CloudStack Ecosystem Tutorial

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Building a cloud is one part of the equation. To get work done with a cloud you need a solid ecosystem that goes with it. In this hands-on tutorial we go through some of the tools in the CloudStack ecosystem: Cloudmonkey, Libcloud, Vagrant, Ansible, and Ec2stack.

The tutorial will follow Exobook a self-paced step by step tutorial based on Exoscale. Exoscale is a CloudStack based cloud located in Switzerland. After getting an account and getting a feel for basic cloud concepts such as security groups, ssh key pairs, and user data, we will dive into the CloudStack interactive shell, cloudmonkey. We will then look at apache libcloud, the cloudstack plugin for Vagrant, and we will play with Ansible to configure instances deployed in the cloud. Finally, we will run ec2stack a python application that provides an ec2 compatible interface to CloudStack.

Attendees should expect to install packages and run applications. Some knowledge of Python is recommended. Laptop required, Linux preferred.

This tutorial is sponsored by Citrix

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Sebastien has over 15 years experience in the computing area, after a career in academia that led him to be an associate professor at Clemson University he joined Citrix to participate in the Apache CloudStack community. He is now an Apache committer and PMC member in CloudStack and Libcloud.