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Migrating Data from MySQL and Oracle into Hadoop

Moderated by: MC Brown

A completely open floor discussion to discuss some of the different ways in which data can be transferred and exchanged between RDBMS and Hadoop. The BoF will also include some key customers and users, including, who have had transfer systems in place and migrated to using Tungsten Replicator, a tool which provides real-time replication of data into Hadoop from MySQL and Oracle.

Primarily we want to cover the basics of tools such as dump and load and Sqoop, and also methods for transitioning and modifying data as part of the transfer process. Customer stories will enable us to show some of the tricks and best practices with some real-world examples.

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Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
07/18/2014 12:12am PDT

@Karan, Birds of a Feather sessions are not live streamed or recorded. They are purely in-person events.

Karan Rohida
07/17/2014 10:47pm PDT

Can we attend these session remotely