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Discover OpenUI5 – The New Web UI library from SAP

Frederic Berg (SAP AG), DJ Adams (Bluefin Solutions Ltd), Andreas Kunz (SAP SE)
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OpenUI5 is a powerful web UI library from SAP that has recently entered the open source world. With OpenUI5 you can easily develop enterprise-grade responsive web applications that run on multiple platforms and devices. It is based on many open source libraries such as jQuery, datajs, LESS, Handlebars, Crossroads, iScroll, and others.

This is what you will do in the hands-on session:

  • Start from scratch
  • Install and explore OpenUI5
  • Create a skeleton MVC application and enhance it over a series of exercises
  • Understand and get to grips with the data integration possibilities that OpenUI5 offers
  • Learn about the diversity of view construction
  • Leave with a fully running application and development environment on your laptop

The Open Source enthusiasm has infected the SAP ecosystem and has internally caused a welcome cultural change. Come and see what the new SAP is all about!


Participants should have the following in order to participate:

* Node.js
* Text editor of your choice

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This tutorial is sponsored by SAP

Photo of Frederic Berg

Frederic Berg


Frederic is a product owner with 15 years of experience in the software industry living in Heidelberg, Germany. He is passionate about software development and a major driver behind the open sourcing of OpenUI5.

Photo of DJ Adams

DJ Adams

Bluefin Solutions Ltd

DJ Adams is an enterprise architect and open source programmer, author, and bread-maker living in Manchester, working as a Principal Consultant for Bluefin Solutions. He has a degree in Latin & Greek (Classics) from the University of London, and despite having been referred to as an alpha geek, can nevertheless tie his own shoelaces and drink beer without spilling it.

He has written two books for O’Reilly, on Jabber and on Google.

He is married to his theoretical childhood sweetheart Michelle, and has a son, Joseph, of whom he is very proud.

Photo of Andreas Kunz

Andreas Kunz


Working as software developer and architect at SAP since 2005, focusing on user interfaces.
Member of the UI5 (HTML/JS UI library created by SAP) development team since its inception and spending considerable time to work around browser bugs…

Infected by the Open Source virus while contributing to Mozilla before Firefox was even born. And now one main driver behind open-sourcing UI5 as “OpenUI5”.

Spreading the UI5 love by speaking at conferences like OSCON, devoxxUK and SAP’s own TechEd conference in Las Vegas.

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Picture of Frederic Berg
Frederic Berg
07/10/2014 7:31pm PDT

Dear participants,

this tutorial has certain prerequisites:

- Node.js
- Text Editor of your choice

Please make sure to have both ready for the tutorial!