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OSCON Elements Attendee Party

Exhibit Hall B
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This year’s attendee party focuses on the four classical elements—fire, earth, air, and water. Wait till you see how each of these essential ideas transforms Hall B into new areas to explore and savor. You can also expect the usual tangible elements of an OSCON party, with plenty of food, drink, games, and creative projects. In the best OSCON tradition, you know we’ll have some terrific surprises waiting, too.


Air Section Earth Section Fire Section
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Picture of Josh Simmons
Josh Simmons
06/28/2014 6:29am PDT

Absolutely, Dirk! Our Expo Plus Pass covers the expo hall as well as community and evening events. If you don’t mind shooting me an email we can get you two all squared away:


Dirk Sigurdson
06/27/2014 4:10pm PDT

My wife is going to be coming to Portland with me, but she won’t be attending the conference. Is there anyway that she’d be able to attend the party with me?