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Open Source Your Data Design Process

Scott Murray (University of San Francisco)
Main Stage
Portland Ballroom
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Data is everywhere, and to communicate your data clearly, you need well-designed data graphics, illustrations, and visualizations. We see poorly done graphics everywhere, and successful designs on occasion. While the products of design are visible, the process behind those designs remains elusive. So how does one get from A to B? What processes do successful data designers follow, and how can we all benefit by open-sourcing our processes?

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Scott Murray

University of San Francisco

Scott Murray is a code artist who writes software to create data visualizations and other interactive phenomena. His work incorporates elements of interaction design, systems design, and generative art. Scott is an Assistant Professor of Design at the University of San Francisco, where he teaches data visualization and interaction design. He is a contributor to Processing, and is author of the O’Reilly title “Interactive Data Visualization for the Web”.

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Scott Murray
05/21/2014 10:40am PDT

In the spirit of this presentation, I’d love to hear about your design process. Please consider taking a moment to complete this brief survey and share it with others.

Or, share your stories, comments, and insights right here on this page. See you at OSCON!