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Coder Decoder: Functional Programmer Lingo Explained, with Pictures

Katie Miller (Red Hat)
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For the uninitiated, a conversation with functional programmers can feel like ground zero of a jargon explosion. This talk will help you to defend against the blah-blah blast by demystifying several terms commonly used by FP fans with bite-sized Haskell examples and friendly pictures. The presentation will also offer a glimpse of how some of these concepts can be applied in a simple Haskell web application. Expect appearances by Curry, Lens, and the infamous M-word, among others.

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Katie Miller

Red Hat

Katie Miller is an OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat, where she tries to squeeze as many different programming languages into her workdays as possible. The former newspaper journalist loves language, whether code or copy, and will pedantically edit any text you let her touch. Katie is a Co-Counder of the Lambda Ladies group for women in functional programming and one of the organisers of the Brisbane Functional Programming Group.