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Open Source and the Enterprise

Derek Sorkin (GitHub), Tim Tyler (Qualcomm)
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Software organizations of all sizes need to produce high quality products at the pace of their industry. Many businesses are turning to the open source community to increase the speed and quality of their development process in order to stay competitive. Sometimes this involves open sourcing projects and other times these efforts focus on internalizing open source workflows.

Effectively building and shipping software within a business doesn’t happen in isolation. There are considerations around compliance and governance, the challenges of coordinating across teams and departments, and the need to integrate with other tools and services used internally. With these complexities in mind, how can businesses take the best ideas from the open source community to improve their end product and the happiness of their developers?

In this fireside-chat-styled session, Derek Sorkin from GitHub will talk with Tim Tyler about his experiences setting up a community inside Qualcomm that mimics an open source project. Tim will share the lessons he’s learned, and discuss the opportunities and challenges present when introducing open source to a very large company.

Derek Sorkin



Tim Tyler


Sr. Staff Engineer
Qualcomm Open Source Portal Team

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Douglas Philips
07/25/2014 10:30am PDT

Follow up question:
In my environment, we have a hierarchy of deliverables that starts with tech imperatives and goes to to BAU and defect work.

In open sourcing your development, how are you able to ensure that the tech imperatives get attention?