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Git and GitHub Essentials

Brent Beer (GitHub)
Tools & Techniques
Portland 252
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If you’ve worried about learning Git or even signing up or GitHub, worry no
more. In this half day session, Brent Beer will guide you through everything
needed to make your first open source contribution using Git and GitHub. Even
if you are familiar with Git and GitHub, you’ll walk away with a better
understanding of workflows that will take your development to the next level.

We’ll be looking at the GitHub Flow and its impact on the development process,
tips for effective GitHub-based communication, reasons why merge conflicts
aren’t actually scary, and techniques for getting out of almost any
Git-related jam. At the conclusion of this session we’ll see why crafting a
story through commit history makes it easy for us to understand how we got to
a solution, and also makes it easier to work together than alone.


* A Laptop
* with Git 1.8+ installed
* A GitHub account
* to ensure that students’ accounts and laptops are ready for the class, please read through the GitHub Training pre-requisites.

QUESTIONS for the speaker?: Use the “Leave a Comment or Question” section at the bottom to address them.

Photo of Brent Beer

Brent Beer


Brent Beer has used Git and GitHub for over 5 years through university classes, contributions to open source projects, and professionally as a web developer. He now enjoys his role teaching the world to use Git and GitHub to their full potential as a member of the GitHub Training team.

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Picture of Brent Beer
Brent Beer
07/25/2014 3:20pm PDT

Class notes / resources / Q&A posted here:

Will be collecting attendee information soon to email everyone a link <3

Picture of Bill Cernansky
Bill Cernansky
07/25/2014 9:24am PDT

Are there downloadable materials for this?

Picture of Brent Beer
Brent Beer
07/09/2014 7:36am PDT

@vaibhav s You’ll definitely be learning all about it here!

vaibhav s
07/05/2014 10:56pm PDT

I am new user to git hub i want to know more about its uses