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Adventures in the WebRTC Garden--or is it Wilderness?

Brian Capouch (Saint Joseph's College), Nathan Samano (Saint Joseph's College (Indiana)), Alex Yong (Saint Joseph's College (Indiana)), Steven Quella (Saint Joseph's College (Indiana)), Danilo Zekovic (Symphony )
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A special topics class at Saint Joseph’s College is investigating various aspects of webRTC. We have downloaded and attempted to deploy as much of what is out there that we can find, with the sole caveat being that we limit the products we have evaluated to those which are Open Source.

What we have found is is a vibrant, chaotic, and very active community of developers who represent a stunning range of talents and vision. It has been common to find useful applications and toolkits that have been abandoned by their developers, products which exhibit only a small portion of the functionality they advertise, or which have unsavory side effects on the systems they interact with. We have also found some outstanding projects which will almost certainly play big roles in the future of peer-to-peer communications.

In the presentation we will review a wide variety of the products that we have reviewed and played with, providing our best attempt to summarize and provide a quality assessment for each.

We will then demonstrate sipML5, a Javascript-based toolkit which implements a wide variety of functionality, is under active development, and which we have found to be powerful, easy to use, and stable. In one application we have interfaced sipML5 to recently-released Asterisk Version 12, which has out-of-the-box support for webRTC. Asterisk’s many interface modules have allowed us to implement many mashups, including SIP and XMPP voice calls, video calls, and remote voice recording. Particularly interesting possibilities arise when the browser is running on a mobile device, such as an Android phone.

Photo of Brian Capouch

Brian Capouch

Saint Joseph's College

Brian Capouch is a longtime open source user, programmer, and hacker.

He teaches CS using 100% Open Source tools at small Indiana college, run a small wireless ISP; Asterisk and openWRT are his specialities.

Photo of Nathan Samano

Nathan Samano

Saint Joseph's College (Indiana)

Nathan is a junior Computer Science major at Saint Joseph’s College. He is minoring in biology. His computing interests include game development and cloud programming.

Photo of Alex Yong

Alex Yong

Saint Joseph's College (Indiana)

Alex is a graduating senior at Saint Joseph’s College, where he is majoring in Computer Science. After graduation, he has accepted a position working in network operations at Indiana University.

Steven Quella

Saint Joseph's College (Indiana)

Steven is a senior at Saint Joseph’s College, majoring in Computer Science. He is seeking a position after he graduates as a Java developer.

Photo of Danilo Zekovic

Danilo Zekovic


Danilo is a sophomore at Saint Joseph’s College, from Novi Sad, Serbia. His interests are web programming, teaching programming, and anything in general that involves programming.