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Open Source Tools for the Polyglot Developer

Langdon White (Red Hat)
Emerging Languages
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Developers today need to be familiar with a few different programming languages in order to get their jobs done. With all the new languages out there and each of them getting increasingly known for doing certain tasks well, developers need learn the languages, what they do well and the, ever expanding, frameworks available to them.

All that is hard enough, why do you need to also know how to “make the language go?” Tools like rvm, virtualenv, pip, gem, etc are great but they all accomplish similar things but use different syntax to accomplish them. Wouldn’t it be nice to genericize these tools in to a simple syntax?

Come hear about some new tools for Linux that can simplify this process.

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Langdon White

Red Hat

Evangelist for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform and it’s associated Developer Program. Has spent 15 years architecting and implementing high-impact software systems for companies ranging from startups to large companies.