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Hacking Radio for Under $10

Bryan Smith (Fossetcon)
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The capabilities of Software Defined Radio(SDR) in conjunction with RTL-SDR have opened many doors for hackers, engineers and enthusiasts to explore a spectrum of wireless signals that permeate our everyday lives.

RTL-SDR transforms an inexpensive DVB-T USB TV tuner into a powerful tool for analysis and protocol inspection. Realtek RTL2832U based devices are supported by RTL-SDR allowing frequencies ranging from 22 MHz and in some cases up to 2200 MHz.

We’ll discuss the various protocols that have already been decoded with the help of RTL-SDR while demonstrating the hardware and software used to listen in on everything from SMS text messages and GSM calls to video streamed from the International Space Station.

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Bryan Smith


Bryan A Smith is a Debian Gnu/Linux and BSD enthusiast, hardware hacker and Systems Engineer. Bryan has used Open Source Operating Systems since the days of Red Hat 5 Hurricane.

He contributes to several Open Source projects and has helped launch several startup ISP’s based in his area using Free and Open Source software as a framework.

Bryan is currently the Program Director for Fossetcon Fossetcon – Free and Open Source Software Expo and Technology Conference

Bryan spends his free time organizing Fossetcon, administering his free shell server, advocating Free and Open Source, proctoring BSD Associate Certification, writing poetry and playing Bossa Nova and Flamenco guitar.