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Mapbox: Building the Future of Open Mapping

Justin Miller (Mapbox)
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Mapbox is leading the way in open mapping. Companies such as Foursquare, Pinterest, Mozilla, NPR, National Geographic, and GitHub, as customers of Mapbox, use OpenStreetMap data and open source software. Learn how Mapbox is running a business like you would run an open source project, how the process and the expertise are what really matter, and how it is succeeding in a field dominated by large, well-funded players by being open.

This presentation will talk about how openness, both internally and externally, is the foundation of Mapbox’s success, as well as how it is both leveraging many open source projects, but also contributing back out many more, showing that proprietary software isn’t the only way to build a business.

Attendees will also come away knowing more about the rapidly re-exploding mapping business, particularly on mobile devices, and that there isn’t just one map anymore when it comes to web and mobile.

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Justin Miller


Justin Miller is mobile lead at Washington, DC-based Mapbox working on the future of open mapping. He created the SQLite-based MBTiles open map tile format, contributed the leading offline map implementation for iOS, wrote the Simple KML parser, contributes to the Mac version of the TileMill map-making studio, and does it all in the open here. He lives and works here in Portland.

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Picture of Justin Miller
Justin Miller
07/24/2014 8:52am PDT

I’ve uploaded a PDF of the slides:

Picture of Justin Miller
Justin Miller
07/22/2014 8:28am PDT

I’ll be posting the slides from this talk soon — check back.