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OAuth2: The Swiss-Army Framework

Brent Shaffer (Adobe Systems Inc)
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The first iteration of the technology we know as OAuth was a Protocol. It was immensely successful in providing third party authorization, so much that Twitter’s APIs still use it to this day. The next iteration, OAuth2, is no longer a protocol, but an Authorization Framework. Why this change in title? OAuth2 is implemented by the likes of Google, Facebook, Adobe, Salesforce, Github, and many more. It’s used to authorize mobile applications, javascript applications, and encrypted server-to-server calls. How can such large companies all use the same service? This session will focus on the miriad of ways OAuth2. We will cover the variety of grant types and their use cases, the ways the framework has been extended in the real world, and how you can implement this to enhance your own web applications.

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Brent Shaffer

Adobe Systems Inc

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