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Mobile and Multi-Device Web Development with Tritium

Ishan Anand (Moovweb)
Emerging Languages
Portland 251

This session will cover Tritium, a new open source language from the creator of the popular Sass and HAML languages for transforming structured data like HTML, XML, and JSON. Tritium updates the ideas behind XSLT with a modern JQuery and Ruby influenced syntax accessible to web developers and designers. For those new to transforms, we’ll show how transforms separate presentation from content to enable multi-device web development that works across radically different form factors, from tiny panels on wearables to large screens SmartTVs and everything in between. We’ll then cover the motivations, syntax, and applications of the Tritium language. Finally we’ll touch upon the extending the language on your own, its implementation in Go, and how you can add it to your web application by using the open source Tritium library.

Ishan Anand


Ishan Anand is Director of New Products at Moovweb. He has been building and launching mobile products for the iPhone since the day it was released, and his work has been featured on TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and LifeHacker. Ishan has a solid background in software engineering with a focus on web and native application development for iOS devices and WebKit browsers. Prior to Moovweb, Ishan worked at Digidesign and his expertise was in multi-threaded real-time systems programming for the computer music industry. He holds dual-degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics from MIT.