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Installing OpenStack using SaltStack

Yazz Atlas (Hewlett-Packard)
Slides:   1-PDF 

Like all powerful solutions to complex problems, a great deal of the useful know-how has to be discovered by actual practice and hard-won experience. I will share with you my current best practices with some insight into why.

This is not a live demo of OpenStack being deployed with SaltStack. That being said you will get a window into an OpenStack cloud deployed via Salt. The SaltStack methods you will be show are used in the current HP Cloud Public PaaS offerings: DBaaS and LBaaS .

(I am planning to record a small screenscast of a multi node deployment using publicly available salt-formula’s)
Photo of Yazz Atlas

Yazz Atlas


Yazz Atlas, who has been involved with open source projects for the past eighteen years, is currently working for the Advanced Technology Group within HP. His primary focus is replacing him self with a script and deploying OpenStack for the HP Cloud PaaS Core.