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Grow Developers. Grow Diversity.

Elaine Marino (LadyCoder Productions)
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The United States needs more tech talent. Period.

The software industry openly acknowledges there is a dire need for talent — programmers, coders, developers, engineers. The largest companies in the industry are actively petitioning for new immigration rules to bring more talent to the United States.

At the same time, there is a dearth of diversity within software development — females and minorities are extremely underrepresented. And the statistics are showing that the number of females in the tech industry is actually dropping.

Yet, there is a solution — Grow Developers. My talk will cover all the many ways this community can actively solve the lack of talent problem, and at the same time give solutions for also growing the female and minority tech populations.

It will be a great discussion! One that will hopefully lead to growth and prosperity for the tech industry. Let’s lead the way!

Photo of Elaine Marino

Elaine Marino

LadyCoder Productions

Elaine Marino is a Ruby on Rails coder, marketer and entrepreneur with a 13-year background in strategic marketing and brand-building for Fortune 500 companies. Her ability to communicate effectively, manage large-scale projects, build brands and communities as well as web applications, puts her in a unique position within the software sector. There is a sweet-spot where technology enhances the lives of people and communities — that is where she thrives.

She founded LadyCoders Boulder, a 2-day career career conference for 60 women software engineers, hosted at Google Boulder. LadyCoders Boulder provides tangible, real-world advice to women engineers to advance their careers.

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Luis Zamora
08/04/2014 7:08am PDT

Are slides from this wonderful presentation available?