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tmux - A Multiplexer's Multiplexer

Boyd Stephens (Netelysis)
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During this 40 minute secession the presenter will explore a number of the operational intricacies of tmux, a very powerful terminal multiplexer. Emphasis will be placed on the practical daily activity that tmux allows one to more efficiently administer and manage. Topics will include:

  • explanation of tmux’s client-server operational model.
  • defining the concepts of sessions, windows, panes, etc.
  • discussing many of tmux’s default key binding and functionality.
  • power of tmux’s paste buffers.
  • management capability of tmux’s status line.
  • usage of tmux as a real time collaborative development tool.

The presentation will provide a basic demonstration of many of tmux’s features and functionality with the driving motivation being to showcase the power of the linux, bsd, unix command line interface.

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Boyd Stephens


Boyd Stephens – the founder of Netelysis, LLC and is currently employed within the firm’s network engineering division. Having entered his 17th year as an entrepreneur, Boyd is now a member of Netelysis’ networking services development team where his primary focus is upon the research and design of internetworking systems and network management services.

For the last twenty-six years he has worked within some facet of the information technology industry having designed and managed an array of networking systems and services for educational, corporate and governmental entities. His professional efforts have been the source of immeasurable fulfillment both personally and professionally.