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Pro Puppet

Spencer Krum (IBM), William Van Hevelingen (Portland State University)
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Puppet is an open source configuration management tool developed by Puppet Labs in Portland. In this talk we will take our audience through using four techniques that can supercharge the effectiveness of Puppet and the administrators pulling the strings.

For each technique, we will describe the state of the code and workflow without the technique. Then we will introduce at a high level the technique. Then we will demonstrate the technique and describe how it changes the code and workflow. Finally we will analyze the pros and cons (if any) that are a result of implementing the technique.

The techniques are abstracting data with Hiera, deploying Puppet code, architecting the code base, and integrating external tools into the workflow.

Photo of Spencer Krum

Spencer Krum


Spencer is a DevOps Engineer at UTi Worldwide Inc, a logistics firm. He has been using Puppet for 4 years. He is one of the co-authors of Pro Puppet 2nd edition from Apress. He lives and works in Portland and enjoys cycling and Starcraft.

Photo of William Van Hevelingen

William Van Hevelingen

Portland State University

William Van Hevelingen started with Linux and configuration management as part of the Computer Action Team’s Braindump program at Portland State University. He worked on the Wintel, Nix, and Networking teams as a volunteer and later as a student worker helping to manage hundreds of workstations, servers, and networking infrastructure. William now works full time for the Computer Action Team (TheCAT), which provides IT for the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University, as the Unix Team lead. He helps teach the Unix portion of the CAT’s Braindump program, covering topics like web servers, databases, storage, virtualization, and Puppet. William is a co-author of Pro Puppet 2nd Edition and Beginning Puppet book which is to be released in late 2014.