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Getting Started with OpenStack: Hands on Tutorial

Egle Sigler (Rackspace), Cody Bunch (Rackspace)
Portland 256
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The tutorial will begin with an overview of OpenStack and its different components. We will then provide access to the individual OpenStack instances to the participants, and walk them through using OpenStack’s web interface followed by command line tutorial.

The tutorial will cover instance life cycle (creation, management, deletion), networking, user management, and how to utilize different storage services available in OpenStack.


* Participants will need a laptop and an SSH client, as well as a Virtual Box or VMware Fusion installed.
* Here are ALL the materials for download:

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Photo of Egle Sigler

Egle Sigler


Egle Sigler is a Private Cloud Architect, who started working at Rackspace in 2008. She was one of the first to receive Rackspace OpenStack certification. Before working with OpenStack, Egle worked on MyRackspace customer control panel, software architecture and enterprise tools. In her spare time, Egle enjoys traveling, hiking, snorkeling and nature photography.

Cody Bunch


Cody Bunch is a Private Cloud / Virtualization Architect, VMware vExpert, and VMware VCP from San Antonio, TX. Cody has authored or co-authored several OpenStack and VMware books. Additionally he has been a tech editor on a number of projects. Cody also regularly speaks at industry events and local user groups.

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Picture of Egle Sigler
Egle Sigler
07/18/2014 4:43am PDT

Hello Ian,

So glad you asked! Yes, we have all the materials available for download:

See you on Sunday!


Picture of Ian McMurray
Ian McMurray
07/18/2014 4:38am PDT

Is there any chance we could get a download for the pre-setup files so we can be ready before the session? Thanks, looking forward to your session.

Cody Bunch
07/07/2014 4:15am PDT


I would imagine so. I believe @Egle has used it successfully on Workstation in other environments. It might be handy to have Virtualbox on hand anyways.

Picture of Christopher Cannon
Christopher Cannon
07/07/2014 3:36am PDT

Cody, I have VMWare Workstation on my laptop as it is licensed by my company. Can your Fusion image be used successfully with this, or am I better off installing VirtualBox?

Cody Bunch
07/07/2014 12:39am PDT


We will have pre-setup USB keys for VirtualBox & Fusion and have the most experience on these two platforms. You are welcome to use Parallels, however, we have not tested the tutorial materials on such.

Elliot Shank
07/07/2014 12:34am PDT

Specifically Virtual Box or VMware Fusion? Or will Parallels do?